About Beijing Vantone Citylogic Investment Corp.

Founded in April 2009, Beijing Vantone Citylogic Investment Corp. is a new company,   devoting to establish a sustainable and comprehensive operation system for the cities in China ,and explore urbanization issues in living, land, environmental protection, energy, technology, transportation, leisure, psychology of urban citizens and other related subjects.

Mr. Feng Lun, as the forerunner in the real estate industry in China, a real estate theorist, and the cofounder of GREATCity, has been continuously learning, discovering and foreseeing and being innovative based on the principle “Current planning is base on the future” to pursue his “Liti” City dream. Adhering to “keep your dream alive” spirit, Vantone Citylogic is working on its sustainable city and forming an overall operating system, from research, financing, asset management, industry operation to city management five different parts. Integration with cutting-edge technology and management model can form a solid knowledge pyramid. Therefore, this will result in a whole new urban development path in real estate, architecture and living three different categories to bring residents a real simple and green urban living mode.

For further information, please visit www.thegreatcity.cn