This documents the 20 design ideas submitted for each competition. It is also a curatorial compilation of essays and research papers undertaken by the jury members and the faculty members from each of the participating team university. The book is published annually.

Call for Papers

Faculty members of the participating schools of the Vertical Cities Asia International Design Competition and Symposium are cordially invited to submit a research paper which will be included in the Vertical Cities Asia publication. In the fifth of this series of competitions and publications, the theme of "Everyone Contributes" will be explored, click here for more details. Faculty and Jury members can contribute to this stimulating agenda with a paper focusing on the subject of the competition, i.e. high density compact city and addressing the issues of urban community and liveability. The paper can be from multiple authors or faculty members not leading the design team of the Competition. A verbal presentation of the paper at the symposium would not be required but it will be compiled in the Vertical Cities Asia publication.

Invited Papers & Presentations:

Jury members and invited guest speakers will be invited to submit a paper reflecting their thoughts on the subject of high density urbanism, urban connectivity or liveable cities. Each jury member is given 30 minutes to present their ideas or works while the guest speakers are given 60 minutes.

Deadline: 29 February 2016, Monday

Submission details:

Please email the paper and image files to via wetransfer before 29 February 2016, Monday. The maximum upload size of each set of files would be 2GB.

The Guidelines for Authors Preparing Papers for VCA Publication can be found in the "Downloads" section on this page. Full paper may extend to a maximum length of 10 pages including images. Papers should be submitted both as a MS Word doc file for Windows and PDF File. For papers not written in English, please send in the original paper as well as the English translation.

Guidelines for images attached to the paper:
Please submit the high resolution images as separate files and include only low resolution images in the paper for reference.

For high resolution image files:
Please follow the prescribed minimum resolution settings below. Anything at a lower resolution will show a loss of quality on reproduction.

A minimum resolution of 300ppi (pixels per inch) is required to ensure images are press-ready.

The image size should be as large as possible up to A4 size.
• Min output resolution for line artwork - 600dpi
• Min output resolution for bitmap (pixel-based) images - 300dpi

Acceptable File formats:
• For bitmap (pixel-based) images: JPEG, TIFF, PNG
• For vector images: Adobe Illustrator, PDF, SVG, EPS